Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zen Palate (Follow Up)

See the original Zen Palate Review that I posted previously. This is a followup to that, which I intend to do regularly to every review to ensure that restaurants are living up to their original reviews.

This weekend I ordered in from Zen Palate. I ordered the Sizzling Medallions and the Hong Kong Style Stir Fried Rice Fettucini w/ Soy. I have to say that the Sizzling Medallions are not as good as I remember them to be. The flavor tasted slightly off and the portion was smaller than it should be. Also, I think this dish should be ordered as a dine-in dish becuase they don't sizzle when they are served in a plastic tray luke-warm rather then a wrought iron dish right off of the pan.

The Hong Kong stlye noodles are tasty. They are a chow fun style broad noodle with a soy flavor and vegetables. I think I prefer the flavor of the singapore style noodles though.

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